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Having extremely dry skin and eczema since birth, Shirene is passionate about finding and creating products that keep her skin glowing and healthy.

 At the age of four, after a doctor misdiagnosed Shirene’s eczema as Elephantiasis, a theory Shirene's mother quickly rejected.  Shirene's mother took matters into her own hands determined to find a holistic remedy that would cure her skin condition.  

Shirene's eczema flares up, especially during the warmer seasons, presenting itself as extremely dry, flaky rashes that felt rough to the touch.  These rashes bruised her self-confidence and lowered her self esteem, despite the efforts of her parents reassuring her that  her black was beautiful.

As an adult, Shirene's extremely dry skin made her very self-conscious when it came to establishing relationships for fear of rejection from people who did not have the empathy to overlook her skin challenges. 

Throughout her life, Shirene has been on a quest to find a product that will give her soft, smooth skin.  She tried many remedies, including foods, such as chicken fat, Yes!!  Shirene's mom would clean the fat off chicken, bake it, jar it up and apply it to her skin.

Despite the over-the-counter solutions, Shirene continued to test concoctions by mixing whatever she could find with her petroleum jelly to keep her skin moisturized.  Shirene talked to a skin specialist who informed her about petroleum jelly's drying properties and from that moment forward, she sent those chickens back across the road along with the petroleum jelly.  Shirene was determined to go in another direction to save her own skin.

After a lifetime journey, a friend introduced Shirene to raw African Black Soap and a Shea Butter product, which placed her on the right path to what her skin needed! Although the product worked for most people, it was still lacking something that Shirene required for her skin care needs.  Shirene continued researching different oils and products to improve the look, and more importantly, the feel of her skin, and came up with a recipe that keeps her skin looking and feeling good the entire day. After experiencing incredible results from her handmade products, Shirene gifted her mixture to friends and soon after was encouraged to share her Whipped Shea Moisturizer with other dry skin sufferers.

Shirene is finally at a place in her life where she's loving the skin she's in! Shirene uses her products daily and continues to improve upon her recipes.  A need for moisture has turned into a passion for skincare and now she is making her product available to the masses.

Shirene's mission is to introduce this product to people who also struggle with dry skin and to prevent another person from enduring the challenges of troubled skin alone. Naturally Made by Shirene, LLC Whipped Shea Moisturizer was created to meet her skin care needs and boost her self-confidence and her hope is that it will boost yours as well.